Meet Lindsey of Lindsey’s Letters

Farmhouse décor is full of personally cherished items, collected through the years. Lindsey of Lindsey’s  Letters creates heirloom quality custom pieces featuring her beautiful  hand lettering. Below, we talk about balancing work and family life, faith in the home, and visiting Magnolia Farms.

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So many people have a desire to start a business centered around what they love to do. I really admire how you balance being a wife, mother of three young children, a teacher, and a business owner! Can you give advice on how you achieve work and family life balance?

Honestly, balance is very hard, and something I am still trying to figure out. I get to do all my favorite things, being a wife, mother to three, business owner, teacher, and help lead a junior high youth group. It’s a lot going on, and I have a lot of late nights where I stay up after the kids go to sleep. I enjoy it though! Family is first! My family is my balance. My husband is so supportive and encouraging and I really rely on him a lot for his help, and focus. Wherever I am at or whatever I’m doing, I try to be there and be focused. With my kids, I try to there with them, and focus on job stuff later.

Wherever I am at or whatever I’m doing, I try to be there and be focused.

It was a step out on starting this business. I had so many “what ifs”, time is a factor, and then there are so many more people doing this that are way better than me. I believe everyone has his or her own style, so I’m trying to create mine. We knew we were supposed to do this when things just kept falling into place. People out of no where just giving us expensive tools to use, and businesses asking me to do things for them. We took that as a sign.

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You recently made a trip to Magnolia Farms with your husband. I absolutely loved looking at your pictures from that trip. What were your favorite aspects of Magnolia Farms?

My husband surprised me for my birthday last year with a trip to Waco. We stayed in a couple’s extra home in the back that had been on Fixer Upper. It was our first time being on a trip together since having three children. It was a really refreshing time. I drew a ton of inspiration at the Silos at Magnolia as well as seeing other homes that had been on the show. We met a lot of friendly people from Waco and from Fixer Upper. A couple had even told us we fit right in with the locals.

Anyone taking a trip to Waco, I would suggest after visiting Magnolia to see all the wonderful local shops! I love shopping local, and they definitely had plenty to shop from as well as fun antique stores. We rented bikes one day and rode around some of their trails, and Baylor University. It is a beautiful campus. The food was excellent, and we basically were in and out of the local coffee shop, Common Grounds (that had been on the show). We came back feeling refreshed with lots of ideas.

I know faith is one of your biggest inspirations for your pieces. Can you share a favorite scripture or quote that you gravitate towards the most?

 I believe having God’s word up in your house for your family to see everyday. Whatever that scripture or saying is, you are declaring that over your home. I love putting anything and everything up on the walls that will uplift you when you need it.

I don’t necessarily have one scripture or quote that I gravitate to, but many for different seasons in my life. One that has been important to me the past two years is “Choose Joy”, which comes from the verse, “Rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances.”- 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. We’ve had some very tough things happen in our family, and I felt that the Lord placed this scripture and saying over my heart. No matter what has happened to us, or the hard road we may be on, we can continue to choose joy!

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What type of custom work does Lindsey’s Letters offer?

I can do any hand lettering services ranging from handmade wooden signs, lettering on your wall, business signs, chalkboards, invitations, and decorations for birthday parties and weddings. My husband is also a builder, and builds all our signs. He has also been building patio sets, headboards, farmhouse tables and benches, and he built our children’s playhouse! Most work I do is custom, and what the customer asks for. I try my best to give them their vision they have. I am very grateful and thankful for all our local customer support! We also have an Etsy page you can order from as well: lindseyletters, and my Instagram account is lindseysletters. You can also contact me through email:

Lindsey Porter of Lindseys Letters.