Meet Jeanne of Pomona Hill Farm

My first experience with Pomona Hill Farm was at The Downtown Green Market, where Jeanne sells lovely homemade goat milk soaps, fresh eggs, sweet potato chips, red raspberry jelly,  and currently – fresh strawberries and spring salad greens.

So many people, including myself, are embracing a simpler lifestyle. There is a shift of focus on quality above quantity, cultivating a sense of gratitude, and being in the present moment. To live and operate a farm seems to be the epitome of coming back to nature and enjoying what the earth has to offer each season. Jeanne Motichek was nice enough to share a bit about her life on the farm, being a part of  The Downtown Green Market family, and her process for making goat’s milk soap.

Your soap is a favorite of mine. Can you explain the soap making process and tell us what kind of ingredients you use in your soap?

My soap is called a cold pressed soap. That means that the lye, which is a natural ingredient, heats the contents of the mixture. The recipe is from an old basic soap recipe. The ingredients are on each boar of soap (such as almond oil). After I pour the soap, I cut it into bars and then it cures for 3 to 4 weeks. I hand wrap each bar, and then it is ready for sale.

What are the most rewarding aspects of running a farm?

My rewards include being able to work with my family, learning and working with nature everyday, and the wonderful people that I meet that share the same visions that we do. The best reward is planting something in the ground or creating something in the kitchen. Watching something grow into a healthy delicious product that I take pride in.

I love the feel of the land and the connection that I make with nature. There is no greater pleasure than hearing the sounds of the animals and growing something from start to table.

All of the artisans that set up at The Downtown Green Market seem like a big family. Are there items you look forward to buying from other artisans and farmers when you go and set up on Saturday mornings?

Every artisan and farmer at the market puts their own special touch on what they do. We all buy or barter with each other depending on the season or need. We all share and learn from each other. It is a great atmosphere for all that are involved. Shoppers included.

I know your soaps are for sale at Granville and at The Downtown Green Market. What are some other venues where you set up and sell farm goods?

I have people that order from me all over the country. They usually order by phone. Of course I sell from home. I also sell at Walker Creek Confections in Water Town and Franklin. I am going to start to do more festivals this year. So you can follow that and other news on our Facebook page.

Pomona Hill Farm is located on Oakley Hollow Road in Alexandria, Tennessee. You can follow them on Facebook to see the locations and events where they will be selling their farm goods. Below is the logo for their farm. Photos used with permission and provided by Pomona Hill Farm.