Home Tours: O’Brien Dining Room

This dining room from the O’Brien house is gracefully styled and also functional for  daily life with a family of four. Bench seating accommodates additional guests for dinner if necessary. Rustic pallet wood shelving houses additional plates and glasses. The flexibility is perfect for families that like to entertain on a whim. It is also a perfect example of traditional farmhouse style. You can use the images as inspiration to shop for the individual design elements at the barn sales or visit Jennifer O’Brien’s website to see where she purchased everything, including paint colors.

Predomiantly using a neutral color, such as white, simplifies shopping and ensures everything coordinates beautifully.

Elements of Photo 1: ferns, collectable glass bottles, EAT letters, vintage wooden cutting boards, white table linens and white dishes

tablescape in dining room

Elements of Photo 2: White farm table, white bench seating, upholstered dinner chairs, deep slate gray walls, cream woven rug and throw

summer tour bench seating

Elements of Photo 3: White ceramics, baskets, vintage scale, white candlesticks, wooden spoons, glass biscuit jar, tea towels, sea coral

dining room shelving

Elements of Photo 4: modern draperies, white molding, botanical prints in white frames, succulents, rustic light fixture

dining room view from living room

{Photos used with permission from Jennifer O’Brien. See the rest of her home at City Farmhouse.}