Meet Eileen and James of Little Seed Farm

It is always inspiring to read about a couple that took a risk and started over to pursue their dream business. Eileen and James Ray left New York City and a flourishing fashion career to buy a farm and raise their family in Lebanon, Tennessee. They operate the Little Seed Farm caring for goats and orchestrating a delightful line of skin care products. Below, they tell us about how long they planned their move, beauty benefits of goat’s milk, and a typical day on the farm.

How long did you consider your move from NYC to a farm in Tennessee? Was it planned for several years?

We researched the move for nearly 2 years. Most of the time was spent thinking about where we wanted/needed to be geographically to make a grassfed dairy farm possible.

The requirements included at least 36″ of rain per year, a farm with approximately 50 acres of pasture, a liveable house, and a price we could afford!

It took quite a while, but we found the perfect place with a lot of diligence.


What is a typical day like of life on the farm? Is there such a thing as a typical day?

Every day is different, but when you run a dairy farm there’s always one constant: the goats have to be milked.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas, your Birthday or the 4th of July… you’re milking the goats. Beyond that, we typically make soap, make skincare products, and ship/deliver orders. Between caring for the animals and producing our products we stay pretty busy!


What are the benefits of goat’s milk in soap and skincare products?

Goat’s milk is highly beneficial for it’s moisturizing and pH balancing properties. Our soaps are very gentle and excellent for sensitive and dry skin types because we use the milk instead of water. The specific types of fats and acids found in goat’s milk make it far more beneficial than a soap made with cow’s milk, for instance. Water will dry your skin out, which is why most bar soaps are drying. Many other soaps also use palm oil and other harsh ingredients for the skin. Little Seed soap is made exclusively with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Goat’s Milk and Essential Oils, so you’ll notice the difference right away and you’ll never go back to crummy bar soap again!


Thank you so much to Eileen and James for the interview! Photos used with permission from Little Seed Farm. Visit their website to view their products. Learn more and watch them on Tennessee Crossroads.