Meet Ali of 31TwentyFive Boutique

One of my favorite places to visit during lunch break is 31Twenty Five. It is a friendly, cheerful boutique full of sunlight and southern hospitality. I love the occasional confetti on the welcome mat and daily inspiration from the window display. Ali was so much fun to chat with and interview. She shared her style staples for summer, the history of the building, and discusses her very popular window display.

I love that your boutique has beautiful and affordable clothes. What are staple items you recommend for summer that women will want to wear again and again?

Thank you so much for appreciating our store, we put a lot of thought in what kind of atmosphere we wanted to present. Plus, we are from Cookeville so we try to keep all our prices under $50. Summer staples for me are lace bralettes, they spice up any outfit including backless outfits.

Another staple would have to be a comfy sundress, long or short. Maxi dresses are all the rage this summer, and let’s be honest, you could sleep in ours they’re so soft!!

building interior photocandlescash register and ali auld

Each morning I look forward to seeing how you have arranged your window display. I gain a lot of inspiration from that. What are your sources for fashion inspiration and what do you usually gravitate towards wearing?

Our window is our main source of advertisement! Besides social media we like to draw people in with our window displays. Every Wednesday we have something we call Window Wednesday where everything is 30% off! We get a lot of inspiration from each other.

We all have such different styles and it’s fun to see what each of us come up with! I gravitate towards bohemian and tomboy styles, where Hillary has more of a girly style!

front of 31 Twenty Five Boutiquechairs and seatingclothing diplays

Can you tell us about the historical significance of your building?

Our building was built by my great-grandpa and grandpa (Osco Masters l and ll)! Masters appliance was an appliance store that my family had owned for decades.

The original store was across from Maddux Station where Char is now! When my great-grandpa and grandpa decided to build their own buildings on the corner of Washington and Broad (where we are located) Hillary and I inherited the building in 2013. I had just graduated from Tennessee Technological University with a degree in Merchandising and Design. We had a full year to plan how we wanted it set up and the types of things we wanted to sell. From there it was history.

Thank you so much Ali! Follow these sister shop owners on facebook or drop in and see them at their store. 406 East Broad Street, Cookeville, Tennessee.

{ Photos above by Farmhouse to Flea Market. Photos below provided via 31TwentyFive. }