The Common Everyday Blessings

As the years pass, I am coming more and more to understand that it is the common, everyday blessings of our common everyday lives for which we should be particularly grateful.

-Laura Ingalls Wilder

It has been a wonderful Fourth of July week full of pop up thunderstorms and an abundance of garden vegetables. There is a platter of yellow summer squash and a couple spaghetti squash sitting on the kitchen counter to cook this weekend. I have a few new recipe ideas up my sleeve, and I also plan to make the first classic squash casserole of the season.

I love buying repurposed items and my latest treasure is an old window pane painted white. It needs a prominent place on my kitchen gallery wall with the pallet wood signs. Once you begin shopping at barn sales, farmer’s markets, and flea markets you shift away from materialism. It starts you down the path of enjoying what you already have and inspires you to ‘up-cycle’. That is when your house truly starts to feel like a home. When it is filled with people you love, food baking in the oven, and well worn items you treasure.

This is one quote I have especially savored this week. Wishing you a weekend of contentment. A simple weekend of cooking for your family, sunshine, and rest.

“If you are not content today, there is nothing you can buy this weekend to change that.”
-Joshua Becker
Quilts at Til the Cows Come Home

White distressed cabinet at Til the Cows Come Home

Metal Signs at Til the Cows Come Home

White Trunk at Til the Cows Come Home

{Photos used with Permission by Brandi Wolfram Photography. Taken at ‘Til the Cows Come Home. }