Hailey Reah Rustics’ Repurposed Farm Style

Hailey Rhea Rustics

Hailey has a incredible sense of self and a personal style that translates into everything she does. I am so inspired by her home décor projects, her wardrobe, and her incredible before and after photos from repurposing old furniture. She took some time to share style advice with us!  Read below for advice on repurposing furniture, decorating in farmhouse style, and what she loves wearing.

What inspired you to start Hailey Reah Rustics?

Hailey Reah Rustics was initially started on accident! I was looking for a small end table for my bedroom and was mortified at how expensive brand new furniture “made to look Rustic” was! So I purchased a used one for $5 and redid it for my room, I posted the before and after on Facebook and it all exploded from there! People were messaging me asking where I got it and after explaining to them what I’d did, they wanted me to do a piece of their furniture.

So I stared Hailey Reah Rustics hoping to offer farmhouse rustic pieces at lower prices! If I’m buying a piece to redo, I always look for a good deal so that I don’t have to charge other people outrageously.

I honestly do more repurposing at this point, meaning that people will bring me their old or outdated furniture pieces and I will bring new life to them; either by staining or painting or sometimes changing the whole purpose of the piece! I see more value in home decor pieces if they have a story behind them, a lot of pieces I repurpose were their grandparents’, great grandparents’, or just something to was special to them. Why pay five times the price for something new that you already have in your house?!

Hailey Reah Rustics cotton wreath. Farmhouse to Flea Market Blog.

Hailey Reah Rustics black chalk paint coffee bar. Farmhouse to Flea Market Blog.
What should people considering when deciding to get a piece of furniture restored?

When choosing furniture pieces that you want to redo, it really depends on the look you are going for. I see a lot of people bringing me “pressed wood” tables, dressers, etc. and wanting me to stain them. Pressed wood you cannot just sand and stain like oak or cedar, and it doesn’t have the same stable and sturdy properties as real wood. Do I paint press wood pieces? ALL THE TIME! and many turn out beautiful, they are just limited in what you can do with them compared to real wood. I always advise to look for REAL WOOD pieces, these are going to last longer and usually look better when finished.

What are some of your favorite ways to add personality to a farm Style house when you are decorating?

I would love to say that I am a very decisive person, but I would be lying! Me and my fiancé just bought our first house and I never thought I would have changed my mind so many times on home decor, paint colors, furniture, and just the structure of how I wanted things! I probably had to move my living room furniture at least 20 times in the 3 months that we have lived here to find how I actually felt comfortable with it. I can see it in Devin’s eyes (fiancé) when I ask him to hang something on the wall or move something here… because the next day it more than likely is moving again.

With that being said, I think sometimes it a good thing to be a little indecisive. I have so many people tell me they are afraid to paint something this color, or move something here; that’s when remind them that they can always change it back or paint it another color. Sometimes in home decor you don’t know what you like until you’ve seen what you DON’T like!

Farmhouse style is really big right now, thanks to my spirit animals Chip + Jo, but I think sometimes people take it a little far.

“Farmhouse Style” is meant to look laid back, effortless, aged, and simple.

I feel that people see the cow and farm signs, the milk crates and bottles, and they think “ohh that’s farmhouse…” and they overuse it; it’s supposed to feel comfortable, not like your a dairy or chicken farmer.

So advice to my clients is always “It doesn’t have to match, It just has to go” don’t get caught up in everything being the same color or style, mix it up a little! Personally I am really into using neutrals right now, white on white or different shades of gray and tan, I don’t like things being “too matchy matchy” it makes for boring room!

hailey rhea rustics white furniture

Hailey Reah Rustics farm style rocker and coffee sign coat hanger. Farmhouse to Flea Market Blog.
You have great personal style! What are some of your favorite things to wear?

I am so glad you asked me this question! Second to home decor and furniture comes my love of clothing, personal style dictates your choice of both really!

As funny as it is, my choice of clothing is very similar to my home decor choices; I’ve found myself buying more neutral colors like white, tan, pretty simple print items, and BLACK! (Who am I kidding, what girl doesn’t have a black section I their closet?!) Simple is better on a lot of things and your wardrobe is at the top, I see people that buy super trendy things that don’t complement their body style just because others are wearing it! (Crop tops are not for everyone people!)

So my clothing choices have been more simple pieces and then make them original by using unique jewelry or fabulous shoes.

I am kinda hooked on http://www.jane.com right now, I mean I literally wake up coffee, email, Jane.com. I think it’s because it combines home decor and clothing. If you haven’t seen it before you have to check it out, it takes deals and sales from tons of different boutiques and puts them in one place! There are even mens, baby, and accessories on there too, at great prices!

There are tons of stores that offer great clothes at great prices, some of my favorites right now are Old Navy, maurices, and boutiques!

You can’t forget the boutiques, they are a great way to support local business and find unique pieces that not everyone is going to be wearing.

There are several very fashionable and fun boutiques to choose from in cookeville right now, but my go to is CiGi’s, I don’t think I’ve ever been in there and not bought something! She always makes you feel special and has fabulous clothes with the cutest UT Vols tshirts there ever was! GBO!

Hailey Reah Rustics farm style picnic. Farmhouse to Flea Market Blog.

You can browse through before and after pictures on Hailey Reah Rustics Facebook page or follow her on Instagram at @haileyreahrustics. Hailey says,

“I often have pieces for sale on the social media above and listing of the barn sales I will be setting up at if you are interested in buying a piece! Or if you have furniture you want redone, just message me on Facebook or Instagram.”