Roasted Tomato Tart with Ricotta

This savory tart is a wonderful solution for using up the remaining ripe tomatoes of the season. Canned tomatoes and canned marinara sauces are full of flavor and tomatoes seem to preserve better than almost any other vegetable. Yet still, I am enjoying having a few more opportunities to enjoy tomatoes fresh. Recipes like this one have very few ingredients. I intend to enjoy simple cooking as long as summer lingers.

whipper berry tomato tart 2

You can get this recipe by Heather Thoming here. Prepping tarts can be a great dinner where little helpers can assemble their own supper. For all the tomatoes left, try Heather’s tomato jam recipe. I also recommend the Tomato and Goat Cheese Spread and last week’s lovely Summer Skillet Lasagna.

{Photo used with permission by Heather Thoming}