My Homemade Honey Face Scrub

I have been experimenting and have finally perfected my homemade recipe for  facial scrub. Almost all of my favorite luxury skincare brands, such as the line Abeille Royale, have honey as a main ingredient. It became a personal project to create some home remedies that would be natural, effective, and also very budget friendly.

This recipe is tried and true. I use it every other night. I have sensitive dry skin.  My skin is usually pink after I use the scrub, but I wake up the next morning with a clear and hydrated complexion.

Homemade Honey Face Scrub

1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon honey
3/4 teaspoon solid coconut oil – not melted
3 teaspoons granulated sugar

Combine and store in the refrigerator for best results. I used Domino brand sugar, organic lemon juice, organic coconut oil, and you can get local honey from here. The size of a batch lasts almost a month. Use a pea size amount on your face, rubbing it in for about thirty seconds. A mini Mason jar or baby food jar is a great storage container.

For those of you with dry skin, I would love to hear your feed back when you try it. Some luxury brands run about $80 to $98 dollars. This one costs an estimated $3 with absolutely amazing results.

Farmhouse to Flea Market Homemade Honey Scrub for Dry Skin