Stop Glorifying Busy. Thoughts from Kathleen

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Kathleen Clipper and I both share a love of journaling. I always enjoy reading her blog and following what she happens to be reading. On her blog, she candidly shares her thoughts on faith, grace, and family. One of the first articles I discovered by Kathleen was entitled Stop Glorifying Busy. That struck a chord with me and I have been a reader since then.

Below, Kathleen shares her tips with us on how to look radiant in photographs, balancing family and work, blogging, and her family’s favorite spots in Nashville.

I love your photography and how it captures authentic confidence and enthusiasm. I am generally uncomfortable about getting my picture taken. How can people feel more comfortable and look their best in front of the camera?

I always encourage people to wear an outfit that they feel confident and comfortable in and not an outfit that they just bought the day before because it was in a specific color/style. Feeling confident will show confidence and being comfortable will make you comfortable. I also try to keep people moving when they are in front of the camera. The number one fear I get from clients is not knowing what they should do with their hands, so by keeping them moving and talking to them in conversation-style, they don’t even think about what their hands are doing and they are more relaxed.

I know you stay immersed in fashion because of your photography business. What are some of your favorite trends for summer?

This summer I am loving all of the cold shoulder tops, denim on denim, and neck scarves!

Biscuits and Bandanas.

You write often about having confidence, achieving balance, and not glorifying being busy. I know your faith plays a role in your ability to be balanced and set your priorities. What advice can you give other parents trying to balance family and business?

Don’t compare your life, business, or family to anyone else and give yourself grace!

I’m always reminding myself that everything doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be authentic and sincere.

Also, learn to be present in the moment(s). That means if you’re having family time, put your phone away so e-mails and social media aren’t interrupting your time together.

Cotton Stems and Chalk Paint Distressed Cabinet.

Do you blog and work at a home office, or do you seek out places to work like a rented office space or coffee shop?

Most of the time, I do blog and work out of my home office, but at least once a month I like to sneak away to a coffee shop and work for an uninterrupted day. I call it my, “One Day Away” and it helps to know that at least once a month, I can knock out a bunch of blog posts, catch up on e-mails, and organize my calendar for the next month.

Do you have any favorite coffee shops, brunch spots, or food trucks in Nashville that are off the beaten path?

My favorite hidden gems in and around Nashville are: High Garden Tea in East Nashville, Sweet Biscuit Company in Mount Juliet, and the Funk Seoul Brother food truck.

kathleen clipper family photo

{Photos by Kathleen Clipper}

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