Art Inspiration with Megan Gill

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For my sister’s wedding shower we had a painting party with a charcuterie board and a few bottles of wine. About twenty ladies chatted and painted. It was one of the most enjoyable parties I have ever helped to host, by far the best girls night.

I came across Megan Gill’s pineapple art class and it brought back so many wonderful memories of that painting party. It is so satisfying to create something to hang on your walls and keep.

I asked Megan if she would please share her sources of inspiration with us and her future class schedule. Read more below and get ready to mark your calendar for an art class. You can also meet her at the Strawberry Patch this weekend!

Megan Gill Art 6

 Where do you find inspiration? Many of your pieces are gorgeous floral paintings. Do you get inspired by other artists, nature, certain magazines?

I have always loved flowers. Both of my grandmothers grew flowers, and I guess that is where I came to love them. I myself, however, do not have a green thumb. I use images on Pinterest and Instagram. I have bought flowers and painted them, and enjoy that the best.  But I hate to see them die so I mostly use images of flowers. The problem with using images is that sometimes I have an idea of what I want and can’t find it. I am not one of those artists who can paint from my imagination. I always have to have a reference. I follow some floral designers on Instagram like: Kiana Underwood, Natalie Gill, and The Dainty Lion for inspiration.

In middle school I was introduced to Georgia Okeefe and fell in love! She is still one of my favorites but I have found that I am attracted to more painterly / Impressionism / or abstract flowers. So I have expanded my favorite artists to be Erin Gregory, Nicole Pletts, Alisa Burke, Tiffanie Turner (paper flower artist) and Melanie Morris just to name a few.

I also love to paint and sculpt dresses which is funny because I hate wearing dresses! Again this obsession came when I got my first Holiday Barbie in 1989 for Christmas. I remember drawing dresses my whole life. I get inspiration from pictures, fashion magazines, Pinterest, Instagram and even the random fabrics in my studio for my 3D Dresses. I realized just recently my 3D Dresses are directly inspired by all my Barbie dresses as a child. I have just made them on clay and recycled random fabrics and found objects.

Megan Gill Art 7

How did you discover your love of art? What advice can you give to beginners who are just starting to tap into their creative side? I only recently began trying DIY and craft projects. Many readers are trying to implement more DIY spirit into their lives.

I don’t remember a time not loving art. I remember as a child liking a specific type of crayon and it wasn’t Crayola because they didn’t blend as well as the cheap brand! I entered a coloring contest at my local pharmacy of a Rooster and won $25 when I was 7 and thinking I LOVE THIS! Both of my grandparents were pretty creative with wood working, basket making and my grandmother bought me my first oil painting set when I was like 9. I was also very fortunate that my local Children’s Museum had art classes every summer. I also remember being the youngest person in an adult charcoal art class at the local art center.

I realized in middle school, I wanted to be a graphic designer and had an amazing art teacher. She was amazing! Then when I went to high school – the art teacher there was terrible! There was about 4 years there that I didn’t do much art and I started to pursue graphic design and marketing. Then in college I had to take another art class and haven’t really stopped since. My biggest advice to parents is to keep kids in art classes even if the school system doesn’t! Go to summer camps!

When I got out of college, I became a web designer and loved the job but not so much the company where I worked. During this time – I was so tired creatively and physically that I didn’t do much art and it took a toll on my body. My body just decided it hated everything. I left my job to get healthy and to start healing it with ART. Keep in mind I hadn’t done anything for like 10 years except web design. So I got online! Art classes online are everywhere and some of them are very good! I spent almost 2 years just taking art classes from intuitive art, clay, mixed media, art journaling, portraiture, and oil painting. It was the most fun I have ever had learning. Here is a list of places I used: – Studying with the Masters series is fabulous – does a little of everything – Behind the Art series – she has a free YouTube channel called Inspiration Wednesday. – You can learn anything on YouTube!

My biggest advice though is to not to judge yourself or your art. Art is a creative expression – we don’t judge emotions – they are what they are. It also gets better with practice and somethings you just have to try to know you don’t like it. Move on and try something else. Art heals – art nourishes.

Megan Gill Art 3 You recently had a workshop that involved pineapples and it looked like so much fun! I want to attend your next workshop. Do you have any future workshops on the calendar?

I have classes for girls in the summer and I have done a few for adults. I plan on doing a Pineapple class September 23 at Marketplace at The Mill in Lebanon from 10 – 12. The class is open to children 8 and up including adults. The cost is $25 a person and all supplies will be provided. You can register here

You can follow me on to find more events. I will probably be adding a holiday class. At the moment most of my classes are at Marketplace at The Mill in Lebanon or Town Square Creamery in Gallatin. I am always looking for a good venue to host my classes.

I will also be at The Strawberry Patch in Heartsville, TN September 7-9 and at the Centennial Holiday Craft Show in Franklin, TN November 18 -19 this year.

Megan Gill Art 1


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