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My favorite way to brighten up the day is splurge on a perfect cup of coffee. For a coffee lover, there is no better way to treat yourself. Soul Craft, often set up by Dogwood Park, is a wonderful place to swing in!

Anna took a some time to tell us what inspired her to start Soul Craft and some tips on how to make a great cup of coffee at home. As she explains, so much attention goes into the details of her coffee from the ground espresso to the ingredients they specifically select for their chocolate sauce. It is impossible to read this article and not drop in for a great cup of coffee from the new Autumn menu.

Soul Craft Coffee and Vintage Truck

What was your inspiration for Soul Craft?

Soul Craft has been a dream of ours since 2014. We kept asking ourselves how it would work and what our dream looked like, and we still are asking ourselves those questions! It’s been so much fun dreaming together and working toward a goal that we both care so much about.

The name Soul Craft came from the idea that deep in the heart of who we are. We love people and coffee and want to further relationships and bring awareness to the craft coffee world.

Where people take immense pride in every aspect of the coffee experience from seed to cup.

Tyler is the dreamer and I’m the talker. Respectively. He sees things in a way that puts me in constant awe. I say, “okay, we need it to look like this” or “I have this idea” knowing full well that I have no idea how to do it! Haha! But also knowing that Tyler will figure it out and it will look incredible…. probably better than I imagine.

We both have helped in other shops and learned so much over the years and now we get the opportunity to do our own thing.

Your coffee is so much better than what I brew at home. What planning goes into making a great cup of coffee?

At Soul Craft we experiment extensively with our brewing methods and the mixology of our drinks. Let’s take our Bourbon Barrel Mocha for example. First, we grind fresh coffee to brew in our espresso machine. We want to make sure the shot pulls and tastes great. If it’s off, we adjust our grind setting and/or espresso machine to get the results we are tasting for. Then we add our house-made chocolate sauce. Our sauce is made from Olive and Sinclair Chocolate from Nashville, TN. We have experimented with our chocolate sauce extensively to make sure it pairs well with espresso and milk. We do this process with all of our drinks because we want to make sure that we are serving the best drinks while using the best ingredients possible.
As far as making better coffee at home we can definitely help you with that.

It all starts with having the right equipment with a good burr grinder being the most important.

When talking to our customers we offer them advice on which equipment to purchase depending on what style of coffee brewing method they prefer.

Soul Craft Cold Brew Coffee

My local readers can ask their coffee questions at Soul Craft here in Cookeville, Tennessee. Anyone can join the conversation with Soul Craft on Facebook. They will be happy to answer any questions. Thank you, Anna!

soul craft coffee truck