Cinnamon Apple Cake with Maple Buttercream

I remember chatting with a dear lady in the nursing home. She and her husband had been lifelong missionaries and she told me that anytime they moved into a new apartment it never felt like home until she sautéed an onion.

That conversation came to my mind lately. So simple yet so true. All the delicious smells of food sautéing and baking in the kitchen make a house feel like a home.

Cinnamon-Apple-Cake-by little sugar snaps

This cinnamon apple cake with salted maple buttercream is the most delicious cake both to eat and to give your entire home the scent of Fall. You can follow the recipe here. Little Sugar Snaps provides the recipe and even gives step by step instructions on how to frost the cake. Happy baking and welcome Fall.

{Photo used with permission from Little Sugar Snaps}