My Quiet Cozy Morning Routine


One topic I am asked about often is my morning routine. I think so many of us are curious about each other’s lives and our unique habits and quirks. My current routine began developing three years ago when I became determined to carve out some quiet time for myself. At that point in my life I had not met John yet. I was a single working mom going back to college to finish my bachelor’s degree. Now three years later getting up earlier feels very natural.  Having a consistent scheduled time for myself is very stabilizing and comforting. I would not want to go back to my old routines of rushing out the door.

“Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.”

-Mark Twain


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* 5:00 a.m. Quiet Time

When I was thirty, I began starting my work day with quiet time. I wake up to a cup of coffee with enormous amounts of cream and my daily verses. Usually around five o’clock. Having a warm throw and a nice little spot on the couch to sip coffee and read each morning is the ultimate form of self care for me.  I focus on my spiritual source of supply rather than all the daily demands placed on me.

I have notes created in my Bible App on different subjects with different verses. Topics include fulfillment, joy, purpose, gratitude, peace, etc.  Depending on my need, I choose a topic and feed on those scriptures. I also read a daily devotional to have some thing fresh and new each morning. Right now I read snippets from Live the Let Go Life. I go through phases where I love to write in a paper journal. On weekends when I have more time, I can write pages and pages of inspired lists. This is my brightest time of day where the best insights and ideas come.

One of my favorite verses to meditate on in the morning is John 7:38. It centers my focus on how I am full and complete in Christ, that His supply flows continuously all day like a river.

This is also the time of day I usually glance at my day planner and jot notes. This helps me mentally prepare myself and make specific prayer requests. It also gives me ample time to decide what shoes to wear.

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*5:30 a.m. Hair and Make-up

I spend an hour on fixing my hair and doing my make-up. This may seem excessive to some people but I am unapologetic about it. Trying a new make -up or hair tutorial is fun to me! Flat iron curls. Black liquid liner cat eye. Contouring and highlighting.  False eye lashes (disastrous). My favorite resources are other bloggers and Sephora’s tutorial videos. I also love listening to motivational sermons, podcasts, or favorite worship songs getting ready. Lisa Bevere is very motivational and confidence boosting.

Contentment is so rare in this world. I spent my teen years and twenties being caught in the trap of spending and striving to meet a shallow definition of beauty, trying to live a lifestyle of keeping up with a false sense of success. Shopping, make-up, and beauty can come more from a place of enjoyment instead of neediness and desperation when I am spiritually full.

Those old feelings of inadequacy and being overwhelmed can creep in during the times I become caught up in being busy and do not make time for my morning routine. Starting the day with favorite scriptures and soul nourishing reading material leads me to focus on what really matters and fills my heart so there is no emptiness needing to be filled. That fullness flows into my family life, marriage, career, and ability to give.

*6:30 a.m. Wake-Up Call

This is the time of day where we wake up our six year old son. John has to be at work an hour earlier than I do so my morning exercise is chasing Shelby around the house with a toothbrush and finding his matching shoes. I have given up on wanting him to wear matching socks. He has a social life now and wants to eat breakfast at school with his friends. My breakfast is usually drinking another cup of coffee.

*7:15 a.m. Out the Door

I am trying to cultivate good habits and help Shelby grow spiritually, so we say our good morning prayers out loud together on the way to school.  Having our quick prayer time together helps me feel connected to him because he usually opens up and makes prayer requests. We sit in the drop off line for a ridiculously long time and then I head out to my full-time job by eight.

If I happen to get to the parking lot early, I walk over to a coffee shop across the street for more coffee and a hot buttery magic cheese bagel.

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Please feel free to message more questions and suggestions for future blog posts! I would love hearing any of your tips for getting out the door in the morning.



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