Month: December 2017

Journaling Prompts for December

I like to journal about our favorite recipes and family traditions right in the midst of Christmas.  Journaling when something is fresh on my mind always seems to be the most meaningful writing for me. During my morning quiet time, I was reflecting on what journaling prompts I have developed over the years to help

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Home Tour: Farewell to the Farmhouse

This blog is alive and well but the farmhouse that inspired the name of this brand is about to be sold to new owners. Since our wedding in September we have two homes to consolidate and have decided to begin the search for something closer to town. John moved into the 800 sq ft apartment

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Setting Intentions for the Month of December

I love the fresh start of a new month! Each month I begin by setting five intentions or themes on how to spend my leisure time and savor the season. Having a family, a full time job, and a blog keeps me busy. Refining my focus down to only five inspirations per month helps to ensure I get the

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