Setting Intentions for the Month of December


bouqs winter photo 2

I love the fresh start of a new month! Each month I begin by setting five intentions or themes on how to spend my leisure time and savor the season. Having a family, a full time job, and a blog keeps me busy. Refining my focus down to only five inspirations per month helps to ensure I get the most from those experiences. I can plan ahead with needed groceries or supplies and follow through. Only picking a few focuses per month ensures I get a chance for my creative outlets but also keeps me from being overwhelmed.

During my quiet time on the weekends, I pour over my seasonal Pinterest boards and see what speaks to me. Usually I pick a culinary focus like a seasonal produce item or recipe, crafting projects, home décor project, home scent, type of music…the list goes on. To make sure I stick with my plans, I schedule some time blocks into my day planner.

Some of my lovely list of five inspirations for December include…

* Gift wrapping ideas. I love this idea of using brown paper with black and white accents.

* Gingerbread cake baking.

* Update my chalk board like this or like this.

* Hang Ornaments.

* Fill our home with that traditional cranberry cinnamon scent.

bouqs winter photos

So now that you know what some of my little side projects will be this month, I would love to hear your current Pinterest project plans for December. Comment below or join our conversations on Facebook.

{Photos used with permission by Bouqs}

3 comments on “Setting Intentions for the Month of December”

  1. Love the idea of setting intentions! You’re right, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed around the holidays! Great pins, thanks!!


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