Home Tour: Farewell to the Farmhouse

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This blog is alive and well but the farmhouse that inspired the name of this brand is about to be sold to new owners. Since our wedding in September we have two homes to consolidate and have decided to begin the search for something closer to town. John moved into the 800 sq ft apartment that Shelby and I had been living in. We are living in that cozy (tiny) space while we look at house plans and search for a house to renovate and personalize.

Before the Farmhouse changes ownership, I wanted to share a few photographs taken about a month ago.  This farmhouse is, after all, what inspired the name of this blog.

Two story white farmhouse. 1890 Tennessee

Old Farmhouse Style foyer

Old Tennessee Farmhouse. 1890’s. White walls. Walnut floors. Living room.

Tennessee Farmhouse 1890’s. Living room. Brick hearth

Old remodeled farmhouse. Tennessee. Stairway

This house was built around the 1890’s and quite a few items were left in the house when John began remodeling it. The old kitchen cabinets were full of around a hundred wine and cocktail glasses.  There were apparently a few lavish parties held here through the century. John framed old news paper clippings he found during the remodel. He also told me there were a few inappropriate vintage photographs found. We will just leave that to the imagination. The furniture in the living room and den (not pictured) were original to the house. They were re-upholstered with cloth and brown leather.

Old farmhouse remodeled kitchen

Old 1890’s farmhouse. Remodeled kitchen. Gray painted cabinets.

Old remodeled Farmhouse master bedroom. Navy wall paint

There are two bedrooms upstairs with a little sitting area and balcony pictured below. One of my favorite features of the upstairs bedrooms is the bench seating built around the entire room. It serves a practical purpose to cover some mechanical workings and adds sitting area and play area.

Old remodeled farmhouse. Walnut floors. Painted wood ceilings

tennessee farmhouse remodeled

{Photos by Brandon Malone. Special thanks to Amber Flynn Jared. Heading photo with vintage rolling pins used with permission from Jenny Cookies.}

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