Journaling Prompts for December


rifle paper desk scene with berries and cards

I like to journal about our favorite recipes and family traditions right in the midst of Christmas.  Journaling when something is fresh on my mind always seems to be the most meaningful writing for me.

During my morning quiet time, I was reflecting on what journaling prompts I have developed over the years to help me get the most out of the holidays for my family and myself. In addition to jotting down lovely memories, I would also recommend spending a few moments on these journaling prompts.

Christmas traditions that I want to keep next year…

Try to focus on events and recipes that your family is enjoying the most this Christmas. The things that give you and your family the most joy can be moved up to a higher priory next Christmas. Think of events where your children had the most fun. What foods did your spouse enjoy the most? Was there a movie that everyone enjoyed? Did your children love baking cookies with you or building a gingerbread house.

I like to figure out what makes us happy and then repeat.

Christmas  traditions we will skip next year …

Was there an event that just seemed to drag you down or is your budget for gifts completely maxed out? This is the time to be honest about traditions that just don’t work for you or your family. Maybe having several small Christmas gatherings is better for you than planning one large scale Christmas event. Anything that makes you feel depleated needs to be eliminated and replaced with something from the first list full of things that give you joy. Do you cook foods that you do not necessarily even like for the sake of tradition? What would you and your family prefer?

 Next year we will make more time for …

There seem to be so many little details that make Christmas special. Shelby’s favorite treat is making hot cocoa or mulled cider in the crock pot. If I can figure out a way, there needs to be a carafe full of a hot beverage at all times and an available thermos to take on the go. Maybe you want to make more time for Christmas shopping so you can buy monogrammed gifts from a local boutique? Maybe you didn’t have enough time for crafting or want more time at home to watch Hallmark Christmas movies?  Anything you want to do that you don’t have time for falls into this journal prompt.

Don’t forget next Christmas …

I don’t remember to do some of the things for Christmas that I aspire to do until it is too late. This year I wanted to order some fresh evergreen garland and an evergreen wreath. Unfortunately I should have done that a month ago. Better jot that down in the planner for next November. We had also better book our excursion on the Polar Express by October. We literally missed that train this Christmas.

Are there any childhood traditions you want to be sure to remember and recreate? Driving through neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights. Sleeping in sleeping bags under the Christmas tree.

Writing and setting intentions is the best way to make Christmas time grow more and more magical with each passing year.

rifle paper desktop with push pins

rifle paper compnay in bed with a book

{Photographs used with permission from Rifle Paper Co. }

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