Trademarks of an Empowered Woman

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I am a firm believer that some of the first thoughts of your day are what shapes your day. Having affirmations and a vision of what type of woman I want to embody is a helpful way to set my day on the right foot. Consider some of these trademarks of an empowered woman.

For best results. I would recommend reading the list and circling the top five that stand out to you the most. (The trademarks you choose are usually what you are needing the most in your life.) Then incorporate those traits into your morning or evening prayers.

“Lord, enable me today through the Holy Spirit to be more content with what I have. Help me to be full to overflowing with your living waters so I can pour onto my husband and children and co-workers today. Fill me with passion today for my day ahead. Thank you for going ahead of me today and paving the way for me. Fill me with a radiant flow and bless me with blessings that chase me down and overtake me. In Jesus wonderful name. Amen.”

*Energy and enthusiasm.

*Glow, inner beauty, and radiance.

*Confidence to stand in your opinions.

*Self worth to walk away from toxic people and environments.

*Passion and Purpose in your life.

*Contentment. Enjoying what you have and praying for what you need next.

*Surrounded with a shield. Criticism rolls off.

*An expert in your God given gifts and talents.

*Peaceful. Deeply rooted in faith and constantly communicating through prayer.

*Powerful and able to make life transitions when necessary.

*Create and surround yourself in beauty.

*Full to overflowing. You pour into your family and others around you.


*Reliable. A strong and stable fixture for your spouse and children.

*Fiscally Responsible. Content women do not impulse shop.

*Hospitable. People want to be around you.

*Introspective. You know when to nurture yourself.

*Balanced. A good time manager.

*Abundant and living a life filled with what you love.

*Rested and restored.

*Healed and moving forward. Not looking back.

*Grateful. Able to find hundreds of reasons a day to thank God.

*Encouraging. Confident enough to lift others up.

*Blessed. Blessings come on you and overtake you.

*Expressive with several creative outlets.

*Forgiving herself and others.

*Authentic. Letting your true self shine.

*Generous. Giving when you see a need.

*Fun to be around.

*Humble. Open to changing and developing.

When I first began incorporating these traits into my morning prayers and affirmations for the day I would stick with the same traits for months. At the beginning, that worked best for me. I was a blank canvas and a new creation. Now I pray for what I am needing most and what I gravitate towards, which is typically different every morning.

Empowered women stand out in a world of people who are defeated. Even having one or two of these qualities causes you to stand out in the crowd and be like a glowing beacon in the dark. Other women will see what they are looking for in you and a friendship and ministry blossoms from there.

Do I embody these personal traits every day? No. If you miss a day, dust yourself off and try again.

During my prayer time I use the Bible in my phone and use a prayer list in the notes of my phone. If it helps in your prayer time to actually have a printed list, you can download this free printable below. (Follow the link) It is all about your personal preference.

I am praying for you and thank God for all the growth we can experience in the new year ahead! Feel free to contact me. Next week there will be new articles with February journal prompts and my five February intentions.

Trademarks of an Empowered Woman

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