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Re-purposed Vintage Spoon Rings

I love finding a stylish deal. The leather earrings for under five dollars featured last Friday have sold out! These beautiful rings are made from re-purposed vintage spoons and are selling fast for $15. A bit of a splurge but such a southern classic. Please use my affiliate link below to shop… Silver Spoon Rings

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My Homemade Honey Face Scrub

I have been experimenting and have finally perfected my homemade recipe for  facial scrub. Almost all of my favorite luxury skincare brands, such as the line Abeille Royale, have honey as a main ingredient. It became a personal project to create some home remedies that would be natural, effective, and also very budget friendly. This

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Hailey Reah Rustics’ Repurposed Farm Style

Hailey has a incredible sense of self and a personal style that translates into everything she does. I am so inspired by her home décor projects, her wardrobe, and her incredible before and after photos from repurposing old furniture. She took some time to share style advice with us!  Read below for advice on repurposing furniture, decorating in

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Meet Amy of Amy Rodger’s Jewelry

Every day I put on an Amy Rodgers necklace, one of her leather wrap bracelets, and a hand stamped brass cross bracelet with pearls. I met Amy at Harvest Festival and have been collecting her hand stamped pieces over the past year.  The necklace above is my favorite, a present from John. Handcrafted and hand stamped jewelry has so much

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Bandanas: A Summer Style Essential

At barn sales and markets this summer  bandanas are being worn as head bands, scarves, and bracelets. Not only are they cute and colorful, they are also washable. Here in the south, we still have a few more months where summer lingers on.  You can tie bandanas like a scarf on your purse and then

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An Afternoon Chat with Sonia Stitch

Baseball hats and baseball tees have been my wardrobe staples these past few weekends for judging watermelon eating competitions at the fairgrounds and buying bunkbeds at yard sales. Sonia puts a feminine twist on casual weekend wear. Even though I am in a ball cap, I still feel like I am wearing something that is my style

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Fragrance Love. Ambre Blends Giveaway!

One summer, I sat on my porch and read a memoir with observations on French style and living abroad in Paris. One thing I specifically remember is how most French women had a signature scent and many women wear their chosen fragrance for a lifetime. Choosing a signature scent is very intentional. I thought the concept

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Elements of a Capsule Wardrobe: Chambray

I have always been most comfortable in my own skin wearing jeans. A few years ago when I began experimenting with the ten item wardrobe concept, I discovered the versatility of a chambray button down shirt. I bought a utility style chambray, which happened to cost less than twenty dollars, and wore it weekly for three or four years until I finally had to replace it.

Meet Ali of 31TwentyFive Boutique

One of my favorite places to visit during lunch break is 31Twenty Five. It is a friendly, cheerful boutique full of sunlight and southern hospitality. I love the occasional confetti on the welcome mat and daily inspiration from the window display. Ali was so much fun to chat with and interview. She shared her style staples for summer, the history of the building, and discusses her very popular window display.