Tallulah’s Around Town Friday at the Firecracker

The Firecracker Flea Market is this Friday and several vendors are getting ready to set up shop. A few vendors, like Tallulah’s Around Town, are at the top of my list. She is traveling from Knoxville to be here. I cannot wait to do some clothing shopping in her Airstream! She will only be set up on

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Online Workshops for this Rainy Weekend

There are so many wonderful, free online workshops and tutorials available right now. Rain is in the forecast for this weekend and these classes are the perfect indoor solution. Mini Flower Cakes Spend an afternoon learning how to make these beautiful mini flower cakes in this tutorial by Jenny Cookies. With some effort and prep

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Firecracker Flea Market at the Fairgrounds

The Firecracker Flea Market and Barn Sale is at the Putnam County Fairgrounds on Friday, June 30 and Saturday, July 1st. This will be a large scale barn sale with all of your favorite vendors and food trucks. There are indoor and outdoor booths. The event will be held rain or shine. Be sure to

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The Best Fruit Iced Teas to try this Summer

“A shared recipe in the South is more precious than gold…And it always comes with a story.” -Sweet Tea Sweetie With the heat and humidity of the past week, it is officially time for iced fruit tea. The featured tea is Barbados Tea with Lime and Simple Syrup by Jackie Garvin. After trying her recipe,

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In Season: Salad Greens and Cherry Tomatoes

Hot weather calls for very cold salads. This salad has crisp lettuce, radishes, cherry tomatoes and Meg’s delicious creamy herb dressing. Everything you need for a salad, including the fresh herbs in the dressing,  is available this weekend at your local green market. If you love ranch dressing, you will enjoy this recipe for a bit of variety.

Elements of a Capsule Wardrobe: Chambray

I have always been most comfortable in my own skin wearing jeans. A few years ago when I began experimenting with the ten item wardrobe concept, I discovered the versatility of a chambray button down shirt. I bought a utility style chambray, which happened to cost less than twenty dollars, and wore it weekly for three or four years until I finally had to replace it.

Home Tour: Little Details at the Thompson House

The Thompson House has so many beautiful details through out every room of their home. It was impossible to pick just one room to focus on. Melanie Thompson teaches DIY workshops and has poured so much attention into creating an inviting atmosphere. The mud room has an area for a hand-lettered market list and she is already looking ahead to make Christmas sea glass ornaments.

The Beginner’s Guide to Barn Sales

Barn sales are an eclectic combination of flea market shopping, visiting the county fair, and attending a yard party. Good sales are a full-scale event complete with an abundance of food and live music.  Each booth has a personality and is chocked full of carefully curated collections. Seeing elaborately decorated booths provides fuel for home

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In Season: Beets and Fresh Mint

Beets in the south are typically pickled and preserved in mason jars. It was not until recently I discovered how much more I enjoyed them roasted. I was given some burpee golden beets and they were added to garnish a bowl of chili. Rich and meaty roasted beets are entirely different from the pickled variety. I roast mine in the oven wrapped in foil. After they roast, the skin easily peels off and they are ready to be added to a salad or a spiced soup.

Stay Tuned. Articles Resume on June 11th

Between June 1st through June 11th, we will be visiting some national parks in Alaska. There won’t be any new articles coming out during those eleven days, but stay tuned for more great interviews and blog posts soon. One interview happens to be my favorite restaurant owner. There are, of course, more healthy recipes and home tours scheduled