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Journaling Prompts for January

The new year is upon us, and hopefully January is a month where your calendar frees up with space for journaling and reflection. My thoughts have been on living life to the fullest and if this month’s journaling prompts were summed up in one word it would be abundance.

Journaling Prompts for December

I like to journal about our favorite recipes and family traditions right in the midst of Christmas.  Journaling when something is fresh on my mind always seems to be the most meaningful writing for me. During my morning quiet time, I was reflecting on what journaling prompts I have developed over the years to help

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38 Ideas on How to Use Your Day Planner

I am starting my journal writing series on utilizing a day planner because that is the best way for beginners to start a daily writing habit. During my busiest times, I actually write a brief daily journal entry in my day planner.  This habit is not only great for beginners but wonderful for those of us who love journaling but

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